Morris County Correctional Facility Earns “Top-Notch” Rating

May 24, 2024

Morris County, NJ

American Correctional Association Recognizes Excellence Across All Standards

The Morris County Correctional Facility (MCCF) stands out as among the best, said assessors from the America Correctional Association (ACA), which reported the lock-up to be 100% compliant with both mandatory and non-mandatory standards.

An ACA review was conducted last week by two out-of-state independent correctional professionals, Kyle Poppert and Marmie Schuster-Walker, who indicated that the MCCF stands out among the best facilities and finished at the top in every category audited. For that the MCCF was issued a 100% compliance in all areas, which isn’t common with these audits. Poppert has conducted over 200 audits since 2006.

“First and foremost, I appreciate the hospitality of the staff at this agency. They made me feel like a member of their team. It takes courage to bring outsiders in and look at your operation, but this was an easy one. This is a very squared away operation,” said Poppert during an exit interview.

“Every inmate we spoke to stated that this is the best facility they have ever been to. They are treated with dignity and respect, and raved not only about the sworn staff, but applauded the medical staff,” said Schuster-Walker. “I would have loved to work here. There is no finer place, from what I have seen in all my years, that is better than this. From the staff to the living and working conditions, this is a top-notch operation.”

Schuster-Walker also relayed how one inmate told her his arrival at the facility was lifesaving.

“This facility saved my life. I was cleared for incarceration by a local hospital, but when I got here, I began to go downhill fast. Both sworn and medical staff acted fast and sent me back out for emergency care. If it wasn’t for them, I would have died,” the inmate said, according to Schuster-Walker.

There are plans for the official recognition of reaccreditation to be conferred and awarded in January 2025 at the Orlando ACA Conference. Staff from the MCCF will attend the conference, where they will receive the reaccreditation award from a panel of ACA corrections professionals.

“To open your doors and allow somebody to kick the tires takes courage. I commend all of you. Oftentimes, the only role model an inmate has is you. You are their mentor. You may not remember all the inmates that you have dealt with, but I assure you they will absolutely remember you,” said Sheriff James Gannon, commending everyone on a job well done.